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Sexual Violence Helpline

You may be worried about someone who has been a victim of sexual violence, or may have been explicitly informed of details that give you due cause for concern. This person may need your help. The Sexual Violence Helpline team will provide you with information on the various needs of victims as well as available resources and recourse, and help you to determine the right course of action.

How to report a situation to the DYP

If a child tells you that they have experienced sexual violence, it is important to remain calm, reassure them that they were right to tell you, refrain from asking any leading questions and not to promise to keep the secret. Write down exactly what the child has told you as soon and as accurately as possible. It is important to know that if you learn that a child under 18 may have been a victim of sexual violence, you are obligated to report the situation to the Director of Youth Protection (DYP).