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Sexual Violence Helpline

No matter what happens—or what has happened—if you have doubts, talk to a Sexual Violence Helpline counsellor. She will help you to understand and acknowledge what happened or refer you to resources that can help you. This confidential service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Myths, prejudices and truths about sexual violence

Too often, common myths and prejudices sow doubt in our minds and trivialize acts of sexual violence. You have the right to ask for help. Your experience and your feelings are important.

Forms of sexual violence

Sexual violence comes in many forms: the way someone touches you, a gesture made in front of you, something someone says to you, an email or text that you received or that was sent to others, an act you were forced into… If any of those things were done to you without your consent and were of a sexual nature, they are acts of violence that violate human dignity.