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Getting help

To talk to someone who will listen and provide support and information, call the Sexual Violence Helpline at 1 888 933-9007, or contact us by chat.

Sexual Violence Helpline

The Sexual Violence Helpline is the source for resources for anyone who has been affected by sexual violence. The Sexual Violence Helpline team will welcome you into a safe space where no one will judge you.

Designated centres providing medico-social services for sexual assault

Across Québec, there are centres that offer comprehensive assistance to victims who were assaulted up to 6 months earlier. It is recommended, however, that anyone who has experienced sexual violence to go to a centre as soon as possible after the assault in order to receive care and support.

Psychosocial support and health care

You may have injuries and physical and psychological problems. You have the right to obtain care and support.


Possible recourses

Depending on the form of the sexual violence you experienced and the context in which it occurred, you may be able to access the judicial system or other recourses.

Support in connection with the judicial system

There are organizations that will provide you with information and support throughout the various steps in the judicial process. People who specialize in supporting victims of criminal acts and sexual violence are ready to help you.


Certain forms of sexual violence can have very serious consequences on the lives of victims. In such cases, victims can obtain compensation for physical or psychological injuries.

Shelter and housing resources

Everyone has the right to a safe place to live. There are resources that can help you find emergency shelter or a more long-term solution.

Other helplines and information lines

Provincial helplines can provide you with information and assistance on a specific subject.