Service commitment


We do not share any of your personal information or any details of our conversation outside of the team. Since we do not have access to your telephone number, we cannot keep it on file.



We never ask for callers’ names or any other information that could identify them. To find out about resources near you that can best meet your needs, however, you may choose to provide us with some personal information.


Using the service

To benefit fully from your conversation with one of our counsellors, we recommend that you set yourself up in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. We want to make sure that your physical environment is conducive to freely expressing your thoughts and receiving the information you need in complete confidence. Since Sexual Violence Helpline counsellors want to clearly understand your needs in connection with sexual violence, they may ask you certain questions to identify those needs.


Your right

Sexual Violence Helpline is committed to respecting the Act to assist persons who are victims of criminal offences and to facilitate their recovery. A victim has the right to get help. If you feel that you have not received adequate help under this Act, you have the right to file a complaint with the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre, the organization that manages the telephone service.

To learn more

To talk to someone, obtain support or find out what resources are available to you, call one of our Sexual Violence Helpline counsellors at 1 888 933-9007.